Saturday, 11 February 2017

What's it really like living in Leeds

I'm originally a huddersfield girl so coming to Leeds was actually a big step up. 

I enjoy living in Leeds its such a banging and vibrant place with lots of opportunities and fun exciting things to do. The shopping in Leeds is also very good. Not to mention the energetic and spirited night life. 

Night life in Leeds is more special than other places because I don't think you can go home having a bad night in Leeds especially if you have been to the right places. My favourite nights out are the ones that begin with a gig. I have recently enjoyed seeing Declan McKenna in Brudenell. My favourite bars in Leeds are Oporto, Call Lane Social, Belgrave, Headrow House and Stone Roses Bar to conclude the evening. 

Music For the People

Melons Twisted

Pretty Lights of Leeds

Clay at Brudenell


I enjoy the festivals Leeds has to offer which are Live at Leeds and of course Leeds and Reading. I'm so lucky I can come home and have a shower every morning after Leeds fest I don't think I would be able to cope if not. The festivals have also given me the chances to see bands and artists I probably would have never seen. For example seeing RHCP at Leeds Fest last year was such a highlight despite early being able to breath because I was so poorly. Maybe I hit the sesh a little too hard but i don't think thats even possible at Leeds fest.

Live at Leeds 2016

This years Line-up

Courteeners Leeds Fest 2016

The Neighbourhood Leeds Fest 2016

The Final thing I love about Leeds is the art and cultural side of Leeds and also the amazing Photography opportunities. I am in to Photography and find that Leeds offers me lots of opportunities to get the best photos. Whether thats interesting architecture or the wacky street style.
Grafitti- Wetherby

Urban Decay

Urban Decay

Art- Leeds

Lots of Love Milly xxxxxx

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